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Céline Dion - Fly (with lyrics)

Hello people. This is "Fly" by Céline Dion.
The first time I listened to this song, I couldn't help my tears running down and my body had shuddered until it ended. The lyrics are so special and meaningful and I believe every human who has understood them has cried or even welled up at least once.

I know that many hundreds of people pass away every day. This song is written and sung for them so I would like (as many others who suffer from their losses) to dedicate it to all them. It's the first time I spent so many hours to create a video, since I did not want to overlook even a single detail but eventually, here it is. All my attempts are exclusively for all these people..

Moreover, Céline has dedicated this song to her niece, Karine, who unfortunately is Resting In Peace now because she lost her struggle against Cystic Fibrosis at her sixteenth. Particularly, Céline was whispering this song to Karine's ear until a tear ran down her cheek and then she just passed away, in her aunt's arms.
It's such a sad story, I know, but I think it worths to be mentioned. Furthermore, Karine is depicted in the picture at 2:22 next to her aunt, Céline.

Personally, I would like to dedicate this song to my godchild, who came to this world in June of 2010. Of course, she is safe and sound until today, thank God, but the first face that occured to me while reading the lyrics of the song for the first time, was hers.. I always hope you will be okay, my precious little girl..


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